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Product Review: Skin 79 BB Cream

Hey everyone! I'm super excited because today I finally get to review a product that I really love. I like the chemical peel product I reviewed in my last entry, but it isn't something I'm currently able to use due to my acne. This product, however, I use almost daily.

I began looking into BB creams because I kept hearing people rave about them. I was highly interested in a product that could apparently provide some amount of coverage without feeling heavy on my skin like a foundation. I don't mind foundation, but I don't like to wear makeup every single day. Still, when I'm home, I want to have something on my face, just to increase my confidence, minimize my acne a little, and protect my skin from the sun.

I chose this particular BB cream after seeing it mentioned on a number of "Best BB Creams of 2012" lists. There are also a few different beauty vloggers I follow on Youtube that recommended it.

What This Product Claims to Do

The product is supposed to be long-lasting. They claim it can control shine, whiten, improve wrinkles and help acne breakouts.

What This Product Actually Does

Well, I do not believe that this product does anything to help acne, but then again, I clearly have one of the most persistent cases of acne ever (feels like it, anyway). Therefore, I can't really say whether it would help someone with more mild acne. It does helps to control shine, although I don't have very oily skin to begin with, so if you do, your results may vary. I can't really speak on its ability to improve wrinkles either, as I've only been using it a couple of months and I'm also now on a semi-harsh acne medicine that can dry out skin.

Now, the good stuff. This product, while not able to entirely cover acne, does make it look much better. I took a couple pictures so I could show you the results. I'm aware these are terrible pictures, I wasn't wearing any other makeup besides the BB nor was I posing or doing anything else to make myself look cute.

 Bare skin (AAHHHHH!)

Skin 79 BB Cream (about 2 hours after application)
You can't really tell from the pics, but this cream does great things for the texture of your skin, aside from just lessening the redness of acne. It gives you a really dewy, glowing finish. I like. :)

What This Product Does NOT Do

This BB doesn't entirely cover acne (I'm not sure anything can hide a big bump). It also doesn't do anything to clear or heal acne, but it doesn't clog pores or cause breakouts, and that is enough for me.

Other Details

A few other things worth mentioning:

-I love the pump. It's very easy to use and squirts out a perfect amount for each section of my face. I typically start on my forehead and gently spread the cream down my t-zone and outward on my cheeks and then do my chin.

-I love the hot pink bottle. It looks so cute and girly on my bathroom counter.

-Although I would prefer an unscented product, I don't mind the smell. It reminds me of the various sunscreens my mom would slather us in as kids. :)

-I dislike that you can't see through the bottle to know when you're running low. But you can remedy that by purchasing two at once and then always buying a new one with the first one runs out.

-This BB only comes in one shade (that I know of) and is only suitable for those with light skin. You can see how light I am from my pictures, and it perfectly matches me. The tone of the BB is sort of a grayish-beige color, but once blended and soaked in it seems to take on the exact color of my skin. I imagine it would work for any light skin tone, but if you're much darker than myself, you may need another BB. Skin 79 does make other creams, but I haven't looked into them to see if they come in darker shades or not.

In Conclusion

I will definitely be buying this BB cream again. It has everything I want and I'm very happy with my purchase.

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